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The TAN2000 International Regulatory Corporation was formerly known as The TAN2000 International Holdings Corporation. The Corporation passed a resolution to rename itself to more appropriately reflect its purpose of connecting the startup community together, because we believe that a strong startup community creates more innovation and value for the greater global economy.

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 All materials published on official TANRC websites are subject to compliance with TANRC Operating Standards as approved by the Board of Governors, and is subject to the Board of Governors' Operating Standards on Conflict of Interest. The TANRC System Board of Governors, and the Board of Governors for each jurisdictions that TANRC operates in, have a interest in maintaining fairness to all parties. All Board of Governors actions, including applicability by jurisdiction or system-wide, can be found at Access to eRevUp may be required to access the Board of Governors' Record of Actions. To report non-compliance with TANRC Operating Standards, or an entity that is infringing on approved TANRC Operating Standards, please report such actions in the eServices system.

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