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Memberships and Applications

Tier One: Accreditation

Free Membership with Approved Application

Accredited members of TANRC get free, read-only access to the TANRC Network interface. Become familiar with other members of TANRC, learn about shared resources available, and get details on the inner governance system that holds each member accountable for trustworthy business dealings. Accredited members do not carry the right to vote in Board of Governors operations. For full network access and voting rights, please review Tier Two membership.

NOTE: Alternative Tier One Limited Accreditation is available.  Carries all the same restrictions of Accreditation, with the additional requirement of Conflict of Interest compliance (for Shareholders and those in Common Control situations under TANRC Operating Standards) or Board of Governors Restricted Membership Compliance (all others). Limited Accreditation Holders, in the case of Shareholders and those in Common Control situations requiring additional
compliance and audit may at their option elect to outsource certain services to TANRC Affiliate Services Corporation as a voluntary method of compliance, at rates negotiated between the Limited Accreditation Holder and TANRC Affiliate Services Corporation. Limited Accreditation Holders who do not choose to or partially outsource services to TANRC Affiliate Services Corporation are responsible for compliance with their Conflict of Interest and other audit requirements through other mechanisms, and remain eligible to participate in TANRC Affiliate Services Corporation’s group benefit plans if otherwise eligible (eligibility is determined by IRS Common Control attribution rules, which some limited accreditation holders may lack, and thus are not eligible). Limited Accreditation Holders who are under Board of Governors Restricted Membership Compliance are required, in lieu of the standard Conflict of Interest compliance and audit, to comply with whatever terms the Board of Governors set, and are accorded the similar outsource option based on the sole determination of the TANRC System Board of Governors, who also must approve the rates for such companies.

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Tier Two: Endorsement

Available After Accreditation Approval

This enhanced membership grants full access to the TANRC Network interface and carries the right to vote in the Board of Governors. An endorsement holder can fully network with other TANRC members, offer up their own services to the shared resource pool, interact with potential investors, and take part in regulatory operations.

NOTE: Alternative Tier Two Limited Accreditation is available. Carries all the same weight as a regular endorsement, without the power to vote. If a Limited Accreditation Holder held a standard accreditation instead, and it would require an endorsement to perform activities relevant to its business, it must obtain the appropriate Limited Endorsement equivalent of the regular Endorsement. Additional levels of sub-endorsements are available, specific to the area of expertise of the applicant. Fees may or may not be charged for sub-Endorsement renewal and maintenance, and is the sole purview of the TANRC System Board of Governors.

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